Frequently Requested Documents
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Authorization to use PO Box
Cash Account Agreement
Cash Secured Puts Agreement
Change of Address Form
Cancel Rebill Form
Error Report
One-in-the Same Form
Letter of Authorization
LOA - Joint Check to Single Account
Wired Funds Authorization
Letter of Non-solicitation
New Account Form
Securities Transmittal Form
Standard Change of Dealer Form
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In today's aggressive marketplace and strong competitive pressures, superior operations support is a most. Through R.M. Stark's professional staff and our association with Pershing we bring the practical, hands-on understanding necessary to harness, manage, and streamline operational processes. Our passionate, knowledgeable professionals have unrivaled foundation of experience - creating a partnership that you can rely on.

Smooth running operations is a partnership between the Firm's staff and your local business unit. Since much of the tasks performed by operations include information processing, efficient operations requires attention to details. When completing customer agreements and transactions be sure that all required information and signatures have been obtained. There is no greater, and more frustrating time-waster, that receiving incomplete or inaccurate documents and having to delay processing awaiting corrections. A carpenter knows that the fastest way to build a building is to measure twice and cut once. The most successful investment professionals know to be thorough, and accurate. It's not only required, it's the best way to same time and maximize your business.

Also be sure to regularly check your Items for Attention (IFA) provided through NetEx. The IFA application provides notification to you of important events. Some will require information, some will not. Whether or not action is required, IFAs streamline the communications process between the home office and you.
Document Transmittal Form
Setting Up Your Email
AML Checklist
Letter of Non-solicitation, Policy
IRA Distribution Form
Update Customer Profile
Schedule of Margin Interest
Fee Schedule
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