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Trading Services

R.M. Stark works hard to earn your trading business. Turn to us for the execution excellence you demand. We offer a broad array of equity and fixed income trading services. Our professional brokers provide personal attention and are your access to execution capabilities in more than 60 markets, with settlement in local or U.S. currency.
Through our fixed income trading desk, we offer access to numerous asset classes including Governments, Agencies, Municipals, Investment-grade and high-yield corporates, Preferred stock, Unit investment trusts, Brokered CDs, and Commercial paper.
Our commitment is to always provide the Best Execution.

RMST routes 100% of its SEC 606-covered securities to its clearing broker, Pershing LLC, for routing and execution. RMST does not receive compensation for directing order flow to Pershing LLC. Pershing LLC receives compensation for directing a portion of the order flow. Pershing LLC’s affiliate BNY Mellon Capital Markets, may act as principal when an order is routed to its market making desk. For additional information, you may visit

Trading Services
Retirement Solutions

Now more than ever, retirement is a significant concern for investors. We give you all the tools to serve your retirement needs. R. M. Stark offers a range of Individual and Employer-Sponsored retirement plans including; Traditional, Roth, and Rollover IRAs, including low-cost mutual fund only IRAs. For small businesses we offer Simplified Employee Pension IRA (SEP IRA), Savings Incentive Match Plans (Simple IRAs), low-cost mutual only option for SEPS and SIMPLES, and Individual 401(k) plans. In addition, we offer full-featured plans including 401(k) plans and 403(b)(7) plans, Profit-Sharing Plans and Money Purchase Pension Plans.

Lending Solutions

We can become your preferred source for virtually all of your credit needs. We have available a full lineup of competitive products to help you manage liquidity and enhance your investment power including; Margin Lending through Credit Advance, Securities-Based Consumer Lending through Loan Advance, RealAdvance Mortgage Referral Program and our Fully Paid Securities Lending. Ask your Financial Representative for details.

Wealth Management

R.M. Stark offers numerous high net-worth resources for Growing Wealth, Protecting Wealth, Leveraging Wealth, and Transferring Wealth. 

Wealth Management Solutions include Alternative Investments, Annuity Solutions, Cash Management, Education and Health Savings, Fund Solutions, Lending Solutions, Managed Investments, Philanthropic Solutions, Portfolio Performance, Retirement Solutions, Trust Solutions, and Trading Services.


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